The Louis Vuitton Cup 2013
For the LOUIS VUITTON CUP 2013  three teams signed their challenge. Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), Luna Rossa (ITA) and Artemis Racing (SWE). ETNZ built 2 catamaran, Luna Rossa just one and Artemis Racing lost by an accident the first one and was at the beginning of the LVC without a boat, as the second one was not yet completed With the end of the mono-hulls, the LVC was put completely upside down In a short time 7 fantastic racing machines were built and developed. In a well-organized media program via websites and Youtube videos, a worldwide audience is constantly kept up to date September 2010 the defender Oracle  presented in a press conference the concept of the AC72 and the organization running of all events In summer 2012, the first catamarans of Oracle and ETNZ. were christened and launched In autumn 2012, Luna Rossa and Artemis followed. In the spring of 2013 ETNZ and Oracle introduced their second boats Artemis followed in July 2013, Luna Rossa improved continuously his first and only boat. The challenger sail in the San Francisco Bay, known for its strong stiff wind from May to September and a strong tidal current. There were set 5 Round Robins, spread over 15 racing days . Since the participants could not agree on how they could regulate the exceptional situation of Artemis Racing, a program has been established with all 3 challengers. If Artemis could not compete, the opponent got 1 point when he sailed. ETNZ collected the points because the opponent did not compete. But Luna Rossa insised on formal disqualifications. The AC Racing Management did not publish Youtube Videos of these unopposed races July 7, 2013 Luna Rossa refused to sail because of the protest against the 2 points of the "Safety Regulations" and as the International Jury had not yet decided. ETNZ sailed and won a point. Results of the 5 Round Robins (RR 1-5) of 7 July to 1 August 2013 ETNZ: Reached 9 points after 13 Race and became the winner of the 5 round robins. The team took its right to use to skip the semi-finals and equal to sail in the final. Thus, the two last 2 days of racing were canceled. Luna Rossa: won 4 points of Artemis' disqualifications. Refused to sail  on the 7th July against ETNZ (see above) and lost 1 point . After two races against ETNZ the team was disqualified. Once as Luna Rossa reached the finish line. in a longer distance than five (5:23) minutes to ETNZ. The second times they sailed for more than 40 (43:6) minutes the staked course. Artemis Racing: launched the second Catamaran on the 22 July  but decided not participate at the last four theoretically possible races.  Sceduled LVC Semifinals 06 - 14 August / Best of 7/ 1 race per day Scheduled LVC Finals 17 - 30 August / Best of 13/ 2 regattas per day
The Louis Vuitton Cup 2013  Semifinals
Luna Rossa Challenge Challenger of the 34th America's Cup Country / Italy : Yacht: Luna Rossa "The Silver Bullet" Launched: October, 2012 Syndicate/Team: Luna Rossa Challenge Team Principal: Patrizio Bertelli Yacht Club:Circolo della Vela Sicili Skipper Massimiliano "Max" Sirena Helmsman: Chris Draper 2013 © ACEA Gilles-Martin_Raget © ACEA Gilles-Martin_Raget
Luna Rossa Challenge had only built one catamaran, which has been ongoing - also in the design - changed and improved. The temporary Strategic Cooperation with the New Zealand team had fully paid off for the Italians In summer and autumn 2012, the catamaran s from ETNZ and Luna Rossa were launched. Luna Rossa trained in the following winter in Auckland (= summer in the southern hemisphere), along with ETNZ. Before the first LVC race, LR was 78 days on the water. For Artemis Racing's Big Blue remained until the first race only 16 days to optimize the catamaran and to tune up its sailing performance. Luna Rossa won the LVC Semifinal 4 : 0.
Chris Draper on the helm winning 4:0
The Louis Vuitton Cup 2013
    Artemis Racing II “Big Blue””
Country /Challenge: Sweden / Challenger 34th America's Cup Sailnumber: AC 45 Artemis Red,  Artemis White Syndicate/Team: Artemis Racing Chairman: Torben Tötnqvist CEO: Paul Cayard Yacht Club: Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet Principal Designer: Juan Kouyoundijan   Skipper: Loick Peyron  Nathan Outteridge
On May 9, 2013, the ARTEMIS Racing AC72 overturned and capsized at  moderate weather, and the catamaran broke into many components. The sequence of the accident was very similar to that of ORACLE in October 2012, only a strong wind and high waves prevailed  at that time. The Briton and two-time Olympic gold medal winner  Andrew "Bart" Simpson was killed According to press reports the crew and divers from the support boats found and freed him under the remains of hull and trampoline nets after 10 minutes. The revival attempts after his salvage  failed Apart from Simpsons shocking and tragic death  the accident had two consequences for the team: Artemis Racing had during the 5 Round Robins of the LVC (July 7 - August 1 2013), no yacht, since the second Catamaran could not be completed on time.
The grinder Craig Monk with his protection suit and the breathing bottle.
If at one-of the set days Artemis was not able to race , but the opponent sailed, he made 1 point.   Ian Murray, Regatta Director of the AC, organized a Safety Committee. After their analysis of the accident and after consultation with the teams and the Coast Guard on he issued 22 May, a comprehensive 37 point paper, the "Safety Recommendations. These include, for example, recommendations on the protection of the crew, an electronic paging system, an underwater paging system, brightly marked helmets, breathing bottles, equipment of the support boats (eg, 1 rescue divers plus a lifeguard, a defibrillator by boat, etc.) improved communication (Restricted one- way radio for the rescue forces, etc There were of course already in safety features, and - training. this Recommendations were a recapitulation of existing rules with important additions in coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard. Notice: (see also the chapter "Foiling" ....)  
© ACEA 13_046709_LVC2013
16 days have been left from her launch on.07/22/2013 and the first race on 08/08/2013 of the LVC semifinals.
The Louis Vuitton Cup 2013  Final
LVC Final:  17. - 30 August / Best of 13 / 2 races per day
Challenger of the 34th America's Cup Country /New Zealand Yacht: Boat#2 /NZL5 “AOTEAROA” Launched: February 2013 Syndicate /Team: Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) Mkanaging Director: Grant Dalton Yacht Club:New Zealand Yachting Squadron Skipper Dean Barker
The AOTEAROA = New Zealand in the Maori language (country of the white cloud)
Looking back the LVC was more of a show as the stage for  exciting match races. You can explain this from the number of only 3 challengers and other problems: Artemis had no catamaran during the Round Robins and too little time to optimize boat and crew for  the semifinals. In the final, "Aotearoa" by ETNZ,  was superior in speed being able to control Luna Rossa at any time. The fascinating winner was the LiveLine transmission technology on Youtube and TV. Unknown until now were the lifestreams with information on wind, current, course trackings. speed and distance of the challengers. To that the audio and video streams with close-ups of the hard working  crew were made in top quality. ETNZ beat Luna Rossa 7: 1 In the 1st racing Luna Rossa's  daggerboard in the starboard hull could not be lowered by hydraulic fracture. They not not finish the race. The New Zealanders were shortly afterwards hit at a turning point by a gust which banged the bow in a "nosedive” deeply into the water. 2 crew members fell over board and had been saved by the chase boat. According to a new rule,  the team was  allowed to finish the race with a reduced crew.  In 2 nd  race  ETNZ had problems with the hydraulics for the wing and left the course. Luna Rossa won this point. In the 7th race ETNZ  sailed with 47.18 knots (87.38 km / h) and set a new record with a calm sea and a favorable Tide currents. At these "nosedive" the skipper Dean Barker will remember for a long
The "nosedive" of "Aotearoa" that jettisoned 2 crew members overboard
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