AC45 (Oracle No.4 Spithill)
    AC72 (Oracle No 17)
They opted in general for a catamaran with a wing sail as mainsail and 2 soft head-sails. The catamarans shall use no auxiliary engines. Another request stated, that they should be dismantled within 24 hours for an easy transport. Then they should be rebuilt within 48 hours. Since these new boats have broken a completely new ground and only 3 years were left, the teams chose 2 types : AC45 a smaller high-tec catamaran with a far lighter handling.  The AC45 catamaran will be sailed in two events. The AC World Series, a cup which was until now held with the older boats from the last Louis Vuitton Cups. The newly formed Red Bull Youth America's Cup, the young people platform for an entry into the AC. The powerful AC72, which will be sailed in the Lous Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup. The planned or already carried out events: AC World Series 06 bis 14 August, 2011 Cascais, POR 10 bis 18 September, 2011 Plymouth, GBR 12 bis 20 November, 2011 San Diego, USA 11 bis 15 April, 2012 Neapel, ITA Mai 15-20, 2012 Venedig, ITA 26. Juni - 1. Juli, 2012 Newport, USA 21 bis 26 August, 2012 San Francisco, USA 02 bis 07 Oktober, 2012 San Francisco, USA 14. bis 19 Mai 2013 Neapel,  Italien 16 bis 21 April, 2013 Venedig Italien Red Bull Youth America 's Cup Selection Series 09 - 24 February 2013   San Francisco, USA Louis Vuitton Cup 4th July - 30 AUGUST, 2013 San Francisco USA Red Bull Youth America 's Cup 01 bis 04 September, 2013 San Francisco, USA America’s Cup 07 bis 21 September, 2013 San Francisco, USA Recommended links   Official website: :
A likely used quote says "The defender rules the Cup", which means that the defender controls the AC and can also specify the boat or the boat class. Oracle chose a slightly different approach and examined since October 2010, in a series of meetings of the world's top designers and especially former AC participants whether to specify monohull yachts (mono-hulls) or multi-hulls for the 34th AC. For mono-hulls was the most important question whether they should use instead of a rigid a canting keel. This swings, while the yacht is heeling to the windward side, raises and stabilizes it, allowing a harder and faster sailing in the wind. Since these keels,which are subjected to extreme loads, are hydraulically moved on large yachts, they also examined at the same time whether to allow auxiliary engines to operate the hydraulic or even the sails. The trimaran BOR90 for example, had an auxiliary engine with 100 rsepower.
34th AMERICA's CUP 2013 San Francisco, USA
They opted in general for a catamaran with a wing sail as mainsail and 2 soft headsails.
AC72 and AC45 The technical parameters
AC72 AC45 m ft m ft Lengt o.a.: (Lüa) 22 72 13,45 45 Beam: (Breite) 14 46 6,9 22/6 Draft: 4,4 14/5 - - Mast Height: 40 131/7 21,5 70/6 Displacement ~ 5900 kg~13000 lbs                1400 kg      3086 lbs Wing:(Flügel)       ~260m2 ~2800sqft 85 m² 915 sqft Gennaker: +320m2 +3440 48 m² 515 Jib :(Fock)       80 m2 ? Crew: 11 6 Estimated.max.speed : windward (am Wind) 25 ktn. 16 ktn. downwind (vor dem Wind) 42 ktn. 28 ktn.
The AC45 catamaran.
Between the 2 main crossbars  span a rectangular, between the first crossbar and the jib a  triangular trampoline. The catamaran is steered with tillers. daggerboards on each hull reduce the drift. This boat is offered as a "one-design" package without the possibility of a major design change. The yachts are the same for all teams. Teams may modify the rig or equipment for experimental purposes, but may not use these changes in race. On the hull nothing can be changed. The package (hull, sail, etc.) is produced in New Zealand by the company Core Builders in Warkworth. For transporting the boats have to be dismantled within 24 hours and have to be be ready to sail again within 48 hours. You can lease or buy the catamaran From 2012, a standardized "wing-sail extension" is offered as an optional extras. This wing is a replaceable 4 m long mast extension with a square of about 8 m2. The extension is used in light winds. The midship rear-mounted S-shaped extension has the joke name "Christmas Tree" and bears a row of coloured signal lights. These are activated by radio and transmits coded instructions of the umpires. They will replace their support boats with the light bar.
As each catamaran the AC45 consists of 2 identical hulls, which are connected by two tubular cross bars. Midship is another bar, which ends at the bow into a jib boom and at the stern with the “Christmas Tree.” On this boom sits the wing with its front edge on a rotating platform. The at the front rigid wing is approximately from the center backwards divided into 4 flaps. Those are trimmed via cables. Two soft sails the genaker and the smaller jib are hooked on the the jib boom. From this bar a small pole ( old seaman called it „dolphin stroker“ and another one below the rotating plattform have been mounted downwards to support the load distribution of a lot of anchoring cables.
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